My kid is telling me to write about her

At this very moment, my kid is sitting next to me, on the arm of my office chair, trying to spin it, while I am at the computer. I have made the mistake of mentioning I was trying to think about what to write next. She is saying over and over, “Write about me! Write about me!”

I am reading aloud as I type and it is making her laugh. Now she tells me to write that she is laughing.

“I’m getting dirty.”

She tells me it’s okay if I keep writing about her. “If you want to make me famous, I don’t mind,” she says. I tell her that it’s likely only a couple of people would read this, and she says “phew!”

Now she has run to the bottom of the stairs and is yelling “Dad! Dad! Dad!”

I hear the shower turn on. I sip my coffee. She is back.

Have a great day. The end. (“Just so people know it’s the end.”)

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