I Accidentally Hijacked My Kid’s Zoom Dance Class

My kid was in a dance class at our community centre. Then, as I’m sure you are aware, the pandemic happened. It took a week, but the lovely teachers combined some classes so they could continue teaching over Zoom.

My kid hates Zoom. She is very uncomfortable on it. She takes a while to warm up to things in general. In this case, it worked that her quirk turned into a wonderful free workout for me. Let me tell you how it happened.

Our laptop does a weird thing sometimes where the camera doesn’t turn on. We were running late, somehow, even though we didn’t need to go farther than our living room. She was finishing her macaroni and cheese while I logged into the class on the other side of the room.

The class is only half an hour, so when we realized the camera was doing its weird thing I didn’t want to fiddle around for half the class. Plus she didn’t want me to. So she started sort of following along, sort of doing her own thing. I tried hard not to encourage her to copy what the teacher was doing, as she’s only 6, and this is supposed to be fun for her. But, when they started doing something she’d never done before I volunteered to show her how to do it.

She said, “No, mom, do it like this. Copy me!” And then did something only vaguely similar.

I said, “No, I’m following the teacher! You follow me.

So, we ended up both doing our own thing. Me, actively participating in a child’s dance class, and my daughter kind of watching, kind of flailing randomly.

It was a good workout, I relived some memories of childhood dance classes, and we had fun. Money well spent, and all thanks to a dumb old broken laptop.

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