Stop Selling Me Empty Writing Promises. I’m Not Interested in Being More Productive, Either

Broken pencil

Obviously, one of the appeals of writing on blogging platforms, is the chance, however small, to make money writing. Yet many must, like me, quickly realize that isn’t the real value for us. What I have found in online spaces are people to read what I write, and, once in a while, encourage me to keep going. I don’t anticipate that someone like me will get many followers, or make more than a few cents).

People reading what I write is huge for me. I’ve never been able to share my writing like this before finding my voice Medium, and then branching out to Vocal and finally my own blog.

But, the thing is, when I first came to Medium, I read a few of those “how to make money writing” posts. Who wouldn’t want to make some change doing something they love? But, at a certain point I tried to stop. I had noticed some of these posts are truly empty of quality and insight. I unfollowed several publications that seemed dominated by such posts.

You know, the ones that promise to teach you how to write 10 million words a day, or whatever nonsense, “market” myself, game the system, make a ton of money by selling this or that thing tangentially related to writing.

There are absolutely posts that offer real help and tips to people trying to start or maintain writing as a career. Some of these posts are absolutely amazing, and contain valuable insights.

But it’s clear to me that some of these people are just out to make money, here or elsewhere, off of writers, by writing about how to make money writing.

I’d be interested to see how many top earners on these platforms are those claiming to be helping beginning writers. Because, in this case, the more they dominate publications and are promoted, the less there is for the beginner writers themselves.

Also, you may have noticed: Some of these are super manipulative!

I don’t know who exactly needs to hear this. You probably know who you are, (if you ever read this, which I doubt you will):

Stop using the marketing tricks you are pretending to teach me, on me. Stop exploiting that side of me as though you are actually interested in “solving my problem”. You are hustling. You are manipulating. You know it, because you brag about it in these posts.

I am just out here to write and read. If you are here to offer sincere help, that’s great. If you are here to manipulate those of us who love to write, or are eager to improve, I’ll say this:

I am done reading you, and would very much like to read something else.

Broken pencil photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

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