Nature Loves a Mess. Don’t Interfere. (A Poem/Thought)

Photo by Nicholas Vassios on Unsplash

Just a reminder that
tidiness is unnatural

You are not meant 
to (always) be in control

If you don’t sweep
birds come for the seeds

If you don’t weed
you get more bees

Let flowers die
you get more in the spring

Be careful where you exert your will
You know not (often) what you do


This morning I sat outside in the cold and watched the wind blow around leaves I haven’t raked up. A bird I had never seen before came to flick them off the ground and eat whatever was underneath. It occurred to me that tidy people might cut down on that birds food supply and decided I was happy to be messy. I have a hard time weeding because the bees like the weeds. I have a hard time gardening because the squirrels and rabbits become my adversaries. I find I am more and more loathe to interfere with natural processes. Just a thought.


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