When You Realize You’re a Grieving Cliché

It’s weird when you suddenly notice in your own behaviour something as “cliché” as the famous “Five Stages of Grief”. I say “cliché” because I’ve heard about these so often from popular culture, books, and movies that it seems more like an narrative invention than something that could affect me so deeply. I honestly didn’t…More

Depression Memes and Dinosaur Bums

Hello, and welcome to a compilation of depression memes and depression quotes to educate, entertain, or inspire. It’s winter and still pandemic times, so today’s digest will include validation of our collective rage, as well as a reminder that life is ridiculous, through the combination of science and the word “butt-hole”. In this post you’ll…More

Her Feet Hit The Ground Too Hard Jarring Her Shins And Her Knees…

(Not based on a true story) In the dream she’s running down the hill and sliding down the hill and then hitting the bottom and running again toward the trees and the thought of safety and the sky above is filled with the sound of her pursuers calling back and forth to one another coordinating their…More

3 Popular Funny Quotes That Aren’t Quite What You Think

Quotes are tricky. Over time, they morph into different (often better) versions of themselves, even if those versions are totally different than the ones originally uttered. Does this matter? Maybe not. Maybe the power is in the well-crafted thought, not the authority of the person saying it. Then again, if we know of and respect…More

We Chose to Stop at One Child, and It’s Still Hard For Me

Last year, there was one kid in my daughter’s class who didn’t have siblings. Mine. I don’t think the teacher realized this. But when they would talk about playing or home life, they often talked about their brothers and sisters. My kid would come home and ask when she would have one. She would talk…More