We Chose to Stop at One Child, and It’s Still Hard For Me

Last year, there was one kid in my daughter’s class who didn’t have siblings. Mine. I don’t think the teacher realized this. But when they would talk about playing or home life, they often talked about their brothers and sisters. My kid would come home and ask when she would have one. She would talk…More

I Accidentally Hijacked My Kid’s Zoom Dance Class

My kid was in a dance class at our community centre. Then, as I’m sure you are aware, the pandemic happened. It took a week, but the lovely teachers combined some classes so they could continue teaching over Zoom. My kid hates Zoom. She is very uncomfortable on it. She takes a while to warm…More

How to Have a Breakdown: I Mean “How To” In Two Ways

This is a double how-to article. There are two ways I want to talk about having a breakdown. By “breakdown” I mean a sudden collapse in mental health. “How to have a breakdown,” meaning one: How to set things up so that a breakdown is inevitable (what I accidentally did). “How to have a breakdown,”…More

Finding New Diverse Authors to Love

You are hopefully already convinced of the importance of diversity in your reading choices. With the upheaval of the past year, there has been a long-overdue public conversation on how crucial it is to listen to those that have been excluded. Antiracist books and reading lists have been a part of this conversation, as is…More

The bats— a poem

They come in the night like bats on the wing whirring behind my eyes, writhing into my reptilian brain quickening my pulse. … They creep down my chest to my gut form hard lumps that lurch like motion sickness. … But I am not moving my body or mind. It is the bats. I wait…More

Dumb New Games to Play During Quarantine

Today, I am very excited to share with you two new ridiculous games that are sure to sweep the quarantined nation. I am pleased to say these games have been thoroughly assessed by the ultimate professional of fun dumb things, a 6-year-old kid. If you are in need of indoor entertainment, or a way to…More

The Right Book (For You) Helps in Dark Times

If you can find it, the right book at the right time can be a balm. It can ease the rawness caused by, for example, a pandemic, abuses of power, or widespread social unrest. Partially, this is because reading offers a distraction or an escape. But, there are actually more reasons that the right book…More

Lack of Evidence is Not Evidence of Lack

The most predictable thing has happened. This fall, Covid-19 finally reached my city. The hospitals are filling up. The people in charge did nothing to prepare. Correction, worse than nothing. As in many places they were happily cutting health and education budgets right up until it hit. That aside, among the platitudes they are now…More