Taking time: A poetry fragment

A long time ago they decidedthey didn’t needclocks. Their solution was toget rid of the clocks, and cover the display ofincidental ones, like the cable box.More

My kid is telling me to write about her

At this very moment, my kid is sitting next to me, on the arm of my office chair, trying to spin it, while I am at the computer. I have made the mistake of mentioning I was trying to think about what to write next. She is saying over and over, “Write about me! Write…More

QualityLand Book Review: What If the Algorithms Are Wrong

If you’re reading this, you’re on the internet. If you’re on the internet, I’m willing to bet there is an algorithm working right now, trying to figure out what you’d like to buy. It’s pretty much impossible to get away from ads for more of whatever you were just looking at, or ordered, online. Sometimes…More