I Feel Like I’m Being Attacked By Octopuses. I May Be Over-Reacting.

Periodically this happens, right? An animal, idea, or person suddenly seems to be everywhere, in different forms. Some call it synchronicity and say that it means you are supposed to be paying special attention to some sort of message: Jung believed that synchronicities mirror deep psychological processes, carry messages the way dreams do, and take…More

Sharing Memes is a Quick, Easy Way to Help Boost the Moods of Depressed People

Lately, I’ve been on a meme-sharing rampage. All my socials have caught on and are flooding me with memes. They connect with what I’m experiencing individually, but also with what we are all experiencing on a national, even global scale: the pandemic, the isolation, the social unrest, Bernie’s amazing gloves. This is something that is…More

3 Popular Funny Quotes That Aren’t Quite What You Think

Quotes are tricky. Over time, they morph into different (often better) versions of themselves, even if those versions are totally different than the ones originally uttered. Does this matter? Maybe not. Maybe the power is in the well-crafted thought, not the authority of the person saying it. Then again, if we know of and respect…More

Dumb New Games to Play During Quarantine

Today, I am very excited to share with you two new ridiculous games that are sure to sweep the quarantined nation. I am pleased to say these games have been thoroughly assessed by the ultimate professional of fun dumb things, a 6-year-old kid. If you are in need of indoor entertainment, or a way to…More