10 Dark Fantasy & Sci-Fi Novellas to Read in One Weekend

Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh, 112 pages A magical forest by the name of Greenhollow is home to a mysterious guardian named Tobias or, as the locals call him, The Wild Man of the woods. The delicate balance of Tobias’s life is suddenly upset when the old house on the estate is bought by…More

Just Another Possibly Autistic Woman

It took a major breakdown for me to face up to the fact that the roles I played were not sustainable. You can read all about it because I wrote about some of it here. Autistics call these carefully but unconsciously created behaviours ‘masking’. They are coping mechanisms that are learned early in life, so…More

Murderbot Taught Me About Myself. And About Humans, Too

My absolute favourite series of the last few years is The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells. It is made up of several novellas and a recent novel, Network Effect. Turns out, I am far from alone. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who does not like this book or series. Murderbot is grumpy. Murderbot is…More

I’m Publishing Sub-Par Writing & So Should You

Confession: I am writing and publishing things that aren’t perfect. They’re not even great. Why?  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be publishing anything at all.  So yeah, the posts I’m putting out are not my best work. I hope you’ll stick it out until I show you what I know I can do. I’d really…More

Sharing Memes is a Quick, Easy Way to Help Boost the Moods of Depressed People

Lately, I’ve been on a meme-sharing rampage. All my socials have caught on and are flooding me with memes. They connect with what I’m experiencing individually, but also with what we are all experiencing on a national, even global scale: the pandemic, the isolation, the social unrest, Bernie’s amazing gloves. This is something that is…More

How Wounds Heal

You are not broken, you have been brokenThey did it; you weren’t wrong You are not broken, you have been broken You have the means to heal Platelets clot, avoid further lossBlock invaders creeping in But wounds need air; to breathe Oxygen forms scar tissue A bright red sign, so you know where to stopA…More

When You Realize You’re a Grieving Cliché

It’s weird when you suddenly notice in your own behaviour something as “cliché” as the famous “Five Stages of Grief”. I say “cliché” because I’ve heard about these so often from popular culture, books, and movies that it seems more like an narrative invention than something that could affect me so deeply. I honestly didn’t…More

Depression Memes and Dinosaur Bums

Hello, and welcome to a compilation of depression memes and depression quotes to educate, entertain, or inspire. It’s winter and still pandemic times, so today’s digest will include validation of our collective rage, as well as a reminder that life is ridiculous, through the combination of science and the word “butt-hole”. In this post you’ll…More