How to Have a Breakdown: I Mean “How To” In Two Ways

This is a double how-to article. There are two ways I want to talk about having a breakdown. By “breakdown” I mean a sudden collapse in mental health. “How to have a breakdown,” meaning one: How to set things up so that a breakdown is inevitable (what I accidentally did). “How to have a breakdown,”…More

The bats— a poem

They come in the night like bats on the wing whirring behind my eyes, writhing into my reptilian brain quickening my pulse. … They creep down my chest to my gut form hard lumps that lurch like motion sickness. … But I am not moving my body or mind. It is the bats. I wait…More

The Right Book (For You) Helps in Dark Times

If you can find it, the right book at the right time can be a balm. It can ease the rawness caused by, for example, a pandemic, abuses of power, or widespread social unrest. Partially, this is because reading offers a distraction or an escape. But, there are actually more reasons that the right book…More