Nature Loves a Mess. Don’t Interfere. (A Poem/Thought)

Just a reminder thattidiness is unnatural You are not meant to (always) be in control If you don’t sweepbirds come for the seeds If you don’t weedyou get more bees Let flowers dieyou get more in the spring Be careful where you exert your willYou know not (often) what you do ___ This morning I sat…More

How Wounds Heal

You are not broken, you have been brokenThey did it; you weren’t wrong You are not broken, you have been broken You have the means to heal Platelets clot, avoid further lossBlock invaders creeping in But wounds need air; to breathe Oxygen forms scar tissue A bright red sign, so you know where to stopA…More

Taking time: A poetry fragment

A long time ago they decidedthey didn’t needclocks. Their solution was toget rid of the clocks, and cover the display ofincidental ones, like the cable box.More